Top Countries for Doing an MBA Abroad


MBA is one of the abundantly pursued post-graduation courses around the world. The course promises to provide wider variations in career, helps you get into a managerial post that has a fair pay scale. It has higher opportunities for professional growth and development. MBA helps in learning business organisation successfully. The best part is, the MBA does not have any prerequisites. It is practically for anyone holding a bachelor’s degree. But, what is important is that completing the course in a credible institution.  This article holds the purpose of enlightening you about the top countries that offer the best opportunities for this course. If you wish to study MBA abroad, here are a few options for you.

  1. Canada

And the approximate sum of 180,000 international students chooses Canada for their education.  Not only MBA, but Canada has some high ranking institutions offering best-in-class education. With the prospering Canadian economy and growth in the manufacturing and industrial sectors, there is, by default, an abundance of job opportunities. Top institutes offering MBA in Canada are:

  • Rotman School of Management
  • Sulich School of Business
  • Sauder School of Business


Although on-campus accommodation is preferred, due to limitations, homestays and off-campus are necessities.


Facilities include kitchen, washrooms, laundry, meal plans, etc. it can be individual as well as shared, and they are, of course, separated by gender.

Average cost: $3000 – 7500 Canadian dollars per year.


You get to stay with Canadian families and hence, interact and understand their culture. They usually provide meals and private, furnished rooms.

Average cost: $400-$800 Canadian dollars

Also, you can choose to rent rooms and apartments as per your convenience.

Per month Toronto Ottawa Quebec City Vancouver Edmonton Calgary Winnipeg Montreal
Food $290 $260 $300 $300 $380 $290 $270 $280
Rent for one BHK $1,000 – $1,400 $700-$940 $440-$540 $1,000-$1,500 $750-$950 $700 – $900 $650-$730 $500-$800
Household Cost $840 $780 $760 $780 $830 $850 $750 $720
Quality of Life Index* 150.3 181.1 170.9 160.9 150.5 164.1 130.1 154.4
  1. United Kingdom:

The difference between MBA in America and UK is that the former is a two-year program while the latter is only one year programme.

Best ranking MBA colleges in the UK:

  1. London Business School
  2. Cambridge MBA
  3. Manchester Business School
  4. Imperial College Business School
  5. Warwick Business School
  6. City University
  7. Lancaster University Management School
  8. Strathclyde Business School
  9. University of Bath
  10. Birmingham Business School



  • Studio apartments at £250-£300/week in zones 2,3 and 4
  • Zone 3 has en-suite rooms at £180-250/week
  • Central London – £300-400/ week for studio and £250-300 for en- suite.
Particulars Per week
Accommodation rent £100
Utility bills £21
Food/grocery shopping £30–£33
Clothing £12
Household goods (including laundry) £8–£12
Textbooks and stationery £32
Travel outside London £15; inside London £18
Social activities £38
  1. Germany:
    Germany stands out with its highest national economy in Europe, and most certainly, it offers the highest paid jobs to graduates of an MBA Apart from a valid bachelor’s degree, every university accepts a valid TOEFL score. GMAT is often mandated too.
Course Details
2-year full- time course The traditional MBA course in Germany that has two years of campus studies and internships.
2-year part-time course In this course, students can study part-time and opt for a part-time job while pursuing the course
1 yr MBA (Germany) An MBA program that is preferred by international students as well as. A few top German colleges offering 1 Yr MBA are ESMT, GISMA school of Business, WHU, Manheim Business School, and Frankfurt School,.
Distance learning This MBA program is offered by select institutions in Germany; students can pursue this program from anywhere in the world.



Housing costs (rent and other bills) 199 – 336 € 199 – 336 €
Food 130 – 151 € 130 – 151 €
(mainline and public mass transit)
35 € 35 €
Clothing 50 – 58 € 50 – 58 €
Travel expenses (for car) 116 € 116 €
Learning tools 30 – 77 € 30 – 77 €
Communications (telephone, internet, GEZ, Post) 49 € 49 €
Health insurance, medical costs, and medication 0 – 60 € 0 – 60 €
Semester way costs occurring
(passed on month)
8 – 100 € 8 – 100 €
 Leisure, Culture, and Sport 62 € 62 €
Minimum total cost 563 – 1044 € 563 – 1044 €