Tips and Tricks in Organizing Nursery Dresser


The baby is here, and you have lots of stuff that you need to get. That includes cool toddler furniture sets. Well, something like a nursery dresser you cannot do without. As you may well be aware, shopping for kids’ stuff may not be the easiest job to do. You have to make sure that the items you buy are functional and also do not have health implications on your baby. Back to nursery dressers. When purchasing these, you need to be particular. The best nursery dresser should have several sets of drawers. Why is that, it will make organizing easier as compared to one compartmented organizer.

If you have the ideal dresser, here are the tips that you need to keep your baby’s stuff organized.

  1. The first drawer

While organizing the nursery dresser, you need to start working from the top left. The first drawer is best used to keep the items that you use most of the time, and you need to reach easily. Diapers and wipes should be held here. This is because, most of the time, you will be using the dresser’s surface to change the baby’s diapers.

  1. Second drawer

This should be the second one on the left. This drawer should hold the baby’s effects. For instance, a washcloth. You will need it while changing the diaper. That is not all; they are also instrumental in wiping the baby’s spit. Powders and creams are also better kept here.

  1. Third drawer

This is where you start keeping the baby’s clothes. Here you can keep the pajamas, Onesies, pants and even socks. However, you should not juggle them up as you will have a tough time retrieving them. Keep them sorted according to their types. Keep the Onesies together. The same should apply for the pants and socks.

  1. Fourth drawer

It would not hurt if you had a little of everything stashed here. This is the place where pacifiers, lotions, thermometer, syringe, and hats should be kept.

  1. Fifth drawer

The fifth drawer would make a perfect home for the adorable fabrics. We are talking about the swaddles, bibs, washcloths and so on.

  1. Sixth drawer

You must be wondering where the bigger pieces should be kept by now. Blankets, sheets, mattress pad, and the boppy covers are for this compartment.

  1. Seventh drawer

The bottom drawer is for those things that you do not use as much. Also, if you have extras for most of the items, you do not need to keep them up there even if they belong to the top drawers. They will only eat up into the space you have. Put them in the bottom drawers, and you will retrieve them when you need to. If you do not want to get rid of the clothes that you baby seems to have slightly outgrown. The bottom drawer is the perfect place to keep them. Organizing your baby’s dresser will make things easy to reach. Also, you will be less likely to lose any of your baby’s stuff.