Moving Into The Public Sector


A government job has always been a dream of every Indian citizen throughout the years. Numerous Government Exams are conducted every year for selections into public sector domains. A decent salary, allowances of all sorts such as medical expenses, travel expenses, etc, very high job security- it is very difficult to lose the job than getting the job, etc. are the major attractions of a government job. Moreover, the shortcomings and low job satisfaction in the private sector is also a reason.

Each state government may have different criteria to deem a candidate eligible or ineligible for taking important exams such as the PSC. For example, states such as Telangana is more likely to appoint only native candidates during the process of Telangana State Public Service Commission. Andhra Pradesh is another example of this practice. This means that the age-old practice of permitting recruitment of non-natives may soon be taken away in these states. Some states such as Kerala and Tamil Nadu allow non-natives to apply for their own respective PSCs. But they have some mandatory criteria like the applicant should know the local language (which in this case is Malayalam and Tamil respectively).

Benefits In A Government Job

  • Salary: In a public sector job you are more than guaranteed to receive paychecks on time. The same cannot be said about the private sector where the profits or loss made by the company affects salaries.
  • Pension: A public sector job provides you with pensions post-retirement to live your lie peacefully without having tensions about money.
  • No Stress: The workload in a government job is almost negligible whereas in the private sector employees work overtime and are still incomplete Even though some of the careers like civil services may seem to be a bit more stressful, it actually gives you a satisfaction that your hard work is for the greater good of the whole nation and not for the selfish profits of a business organization.
  • Health Care: In today’s time medical and health care has become highly expensive. If you are working for the government, then all the medical expenses of you and your family are
  • Allowances: A job in the government sector ensures to cover all your extra expenses. Allowances such as dearness allowance (DA), traveling allowance (TA) among others are provided to cover your expenditures. Moreover, you can travel anywhere in the country with a concession.

Hence, the applicants for Government Exams increases every year.

How To Be Updated About The Exams?

The best way to be updated on the status of the various government examinations you want to be part of is to keep visiting the official websites. These sites will give you the latest and authentic information regarding the examinations directly from the source. There is no chances of fraud and malpractices occurring in the official sites. But the major problem of this is that it is only suitable for an applicant who may want to take one or two exams. For somebody who has applied for numerous posts and examinations, visiting each and every department’s site will be a very tedious task. Therefore, he/she may seek the help of websites that collect information from various departments and show them in a single link. There are numerous such sites which give exam details, free job alert, and other services. Sites such as Naukri, govtexamalert, etc. are examples of the same. Though these sites are not official and have advertisements powering them, the information provided is mostly accurate. There is every chance of defaults occurring here and therefore take the details they give with a pinch of salt. Looking for user reviews is the best way to identify the dependability of such websites. Free doesn’t mean it is not trustworthy.

Some of the good practices that can be done while visiting such sites are ensuring exam schedules and/o job vacancies are authentic by counter checking with a trusted site, never updating sensitive information such as payment details, etc in such sites, keeping tabs on whether the information in the sites is updated regularly, etc. Such small and careful practices will help you in taking advantage of free job alert and exam alert sites and find the required information easily.