Is selenium with core java training is the right path for your career growth


When you choose your career as software engineer, testing plays an important role and it should be done in all dimensions. Testing tools are divided into two tools that are Manual and Automation. Selenium comes in as automation tool. Nowadays, learning Selenium is the initial process for someone who willing to go software testing department, in earlier days the testing was carried out manually which was consuming large amount of time. Furthermore, manual testing led to many human errors. Considering this, now many companies are using automation tool for testing their application which helps them to save time and ensure the quality of the software. Selenium supports Functional and testing and finally It is more consistency, flexible and Extendable.

There are lot of scope for Selenium testing process in and out of the country. Having knowledge only on selenium automation process will never be a sufficient to career growth. Adding selenium with knowledge of other programming languages like C#, Perl and Java is must.  Being an open source product, selenium is considered as one of most preferred automation testing tool. It helps the companies to reduces the cost of testing and improve the return on investment of the company so the opportunities for selenium in the job market would go on increasing. Apart from an automation tool, Selenium is the defector tool for both PC browser and mobile browser automation and it is considered as a web standard that is supported by all browsers. That mean, all the existing browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc. and upcoming new browser will have required the support of selenium. It could also automate Computer web applications and mobile web applications.

Selenium also supports parallel testing using multiple machines and by distributing the test cases. Selenium is extension to java which gives property of Platform independence, supports windows, Linux and OSX Selenium has huge scope and you can see the future of selenium as there are so many supportive tools emerging that makes selenium as a platform more than just an automation tool. The scope of Selenium with core java is great, selenium web driver is written in Java and hence working with Selenium will be easier with knowledge of Java.

Almost 80% of the selenium experts prefer to work with Selenium using Java. Hence most companies prefer professionals who are automation test engineer with skills in core java and selenium. Having said this, it is must to gain skills on other additional frameworks as well. That makes to get yourself updated with latest techniques, versions, frameworks and other test automation tools. There are various training courses out there, even online courses to learn selenium and core java in depth to enhance your professional skills. There is good scope for selenium in the future. If you completed the selenium training in Chennai you will be offered better salary packages than 80% of the freshers out there when you are well trained with the tools and have in depth knowledge in core java.