A woman’s character is seen through her shoes.


Look at the girls’ shoes:

  1. High-heeled shoes
  2. Sport shoes
  3. Sandal
  4. Student shoes
  5. Boots
  6. Platform shoes

Test results:

  1. Like to wear high – heeled women, mature personality generous like to think, intelligent. This kind of women are quite conscientious in life and work and have higher requirements for themselves and others. But because of insatiable greed, so she is very grumpy. A woman like that needs to be honest with her and tell her you want her.
  2. Women who like to wear sport shoes, outwardly easy to get along with, are actually very alert. Outwardly, I like to make friends with boys, but actually I keep my distance from the opposite sex. It’s hard to tell what’s on her mind, but her feelings are fragile.
  3. Women who like to wear sandals are very confident and like to show their good side. Generally speaking, she is popular, but she asks too much of her boyfriend. In addition, this kind of girl’s character obstinacy is not easy to be persuaded. This kind of woman needs to be considered more for her.
  4. Women who like to wear student shoes are very simple and conservative. Usually, they have strict parenting and depressed personality. But their inner desire to take risks.
  5. Women who like to wear boots love freedom, are independent and very brave. Generally speaking, such women are either smart or beautiful, and are popular lovers. Although seemingly approachable, it’s not easy to be her boyfriend.
  6. Women who like to wear platform shoes like to pursue fashion and want to be the center of attention. They are outwardly bold, but inwardly conservative. They pursue fashion because they are not confident themselves. To chase them, you need to encourage them.