Why Education Outdoors is Best


When the weather is right, there is no better place to be than outdoors. Outdoors is the best place to be especially when the weather is great. Did you know that children can actually learn more when being educated outdoors? Why not diversify your classroom by heading outside this season. Why is education outdoors so great especially for those who are being educated? Being outdoors can benefit you and the students greatly due to the fresh air and can also work to free your mind of all the clutter that is bouncing around indoors. According to an article, teaching outdoors ‘levels the playing field’ so that everyone is on the same level. There is something special about being outside that eliminates all the labels that we place on one another. When you are outdoors, it does not matter what your background is or what your handicaps might be, all that matters is sharing in the outdoor experience together. Another article discusses the additional benefits of teaching outdoors which are: being outside builds a community, outdoor education raises standards and expectations, being outside increase connections, outdoor education builds upon a culture, and being outside creates positive memories and feelings. Why not consider creating your own outdoor education curriculum today and see what ignites when you take your students from inside the box to outside the box.

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