Well-Rounded Education at Private School


Public schools are often lacking in actual education other than learning to test well. However, they do not focus on the importance of a well-rounded education. Then there are the other problems that can happen in public schools that are not issues in a private school. Especially when it is an all girl’s school since this can build self-confidence, and prepare girls with a good learning base to continue to college. There are many benefits and creating big opportunities for future learning and in the business world or leadership roles. Education is balanced with learning, sports activities, arts and learning values that are not a part of the educational system in a public-school setting. There is also data that shows students graduating from private schools have a higher percentage of educational learning over students attending public schools. The reasons for this percentage difference are in the class structure and environment as well as the smaller class sizes. 

What Private School Offers

Private school offers many benefits to the student. They focus on teaching in a manner that every student learns rather than the children that can keep up in overcrowded classes. The class size in this kind of school is smaller giving the teacher the ability to ensure students learn to the top of their ability. When the private school is an all girls catholic school bowie md there is the added benefit of learning values in a safe environment. In standardized testing, Catholic schools are above the national average in standardized testing and many classes are structured to promote the STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering, and math). They also offer AP and Honors level courses to prepare students for going on to higher learning after graduation. 

In surveys, the all-girl learning environment students have shown a higher level of skills. Like their counterpart, the public school Catholic schools have athletics, arts and academic groups. This is part of having a balanced education. The sports, arts and academic groups can be chosen by the student rather than a part of the educational structure in private schools like they are in public schools. This allows the student to choose what extracurricular activity they may want to participate or may choose not to join any. 

Stress Relief 

This is also a school where students wear a uniform, which effectively omits the, who is dressed best issue. Since all the girls are dressed the same it relieves the students of the worry of being popular because of the clothing they wear. Instead, these girls can make lasting friendships that are not based on how someone dresses. The other stress relief for teen girls attending a private school is focusing on day to day learning rather than dating and other public-school teen activities that can allow grades to slip. The stress left behind the girl can concentrate on learning and forming skills. This will be an advantage in college and later in the business world. The private school has much to offer the student during their attendance and long afterward.