Marketing a product through internet needs patience


General marketing is different from internet marketing. In general marketing a person should have to move outside and he has to explain about the product to buyer, in case buyer needs some demonstration, marketing person should have to demonstrate with the product, only after these process a buyer is thinking to buy that product, in case, some other company does the same with some specialty, buyer decides to buy from that company. So there are less chances in general marketing to sell the product to buyer. But the internet sales are very different. The excellent in internet marketing, is covering social media. In this, process a person is covering the buyer with more information about the product. At the same time, he follows the buyer for some days or month. After this process he sends friend request, in case, buyer is happy with the product, or service, buyer is accepting the request. Becoming friend with seller, now seller is sending a link, excellent in website design Singapore. Now buyer is visiting the website, he is happy for the first reason site is perfectly designed. He thinks product also would be very perfect as his web design. Only after this process he is buying the product from his new friend. Apart from the social media, bringing the site on top of the search could bring more business. Everyone is looking their needs only on the mobile phone, because the phone has the search engine along with the phone. It is easy to search and find result. From the first result a buyer is buying a product. The product could be industrial product or consumable product.

Only, excellent in website design services are attracting a buyer to buy his product. However, there is an enquiry page for any doubts of the buyer. A buyer is clarifying all his doubts at this page. Secondly buyer is checking the rate, in case, the buyer is buying in bulk, he would be bargaining with the rate, the reason is he is ordering in mass, so he could get some concession that he feels. Of course, seller also would be considering his request. Seller finally would be interested to offer ten percent discount on the price. Of course, seller would not be offering this discount for other buyer. Since this new buyer is buying more products, only for this reason he would be in a position to offer discounts.