Keeping up With the Kids: Managing Time as a Parent


As a parent, did you ever really anticipate the amount of importance that scheduling time and time management would have in your life? When it comes to how we manage our time, there’s a lot less room for error when there is more than just you to plan for. Whether it’s a doctor’s appointment or making it to school or practice or dance, it can seem like your child has a nearly endless amount of places that they need to be.

Whether you have one child or two or more, managing kids can be challenging! It’s true that the saying goes ‘the more the merrier’, but what they don’t tell you is that the more children you have, the harder you have to work to manage all of your schedules. With that type of demand on you and perhaps your partner, as well as parents, you’ve got to admit that the more kids that you have, whether they’re in preschool learning or primary school, the more challenging it is to manage everyone’s time and schedules.

If you’re a parent or even if you’re interested in improving your time management, read on and find out more!

Keeping up With the Kids: Managing Time as a Parent

If your child is enrolled in before and after school programs, you probably are thrilled that they are engaging in some extracurricular activities and learning. But sometimes this means that you simply have to factor more things into the schedule. To stay organized, try keeping a calendar of events. Every time that you know that you have something to do, you can put it on your calendar.

The calendar could be a physical calendar that you really like or a digital calendar in your phone. It could even be a dry-erase calendar board. Whatever works for you – just make sure you are actually writing down events so if you forget what you have to do one day or need to check out your to-do list and get things done, you have something that can remind you. It will help you plan your time as well and you can get certain things done.

For instance, if you know that you need to bring the snacks for preschool learning, you can go to the grocery store several days before and make sure you have the snacks on hand. That way, you can have them ready to go and all that’s left to do is throw them into the car and bring them into the school.

You can also make a list of the things you know you have to get your kids to as a parent. For instance, if one of your kids has music lessons on Tuesday, write it down. Write Monday through Sunday on a piece of paper or sticky note.

It could go something like Mondays: soccer practice, Julia, 4-5 p.m.

Tuesdays: before and after school programs, 3-5 p.m. Kyle & Julia.

Thursdays: cello lessons, Kyle. 3-4 p.m.

Friday: quiz club, Kyle, 2:30-3:30 p.m.

At the end of the day, putting some energy into getting things organized may seem like it demands a lot from you. However, you’re really just setting yourself up for success. This means less stress and more getting things done – the ideal state for a parent to be in when it can seem like your whole life is stress and rush and planning and doing. Put in the effort to be more organized with your time and your kids’ time and you will be amazed at the results.