How to Study for the Real Estate Licensing Exam


While there are certain ways that everyone studies, there are things that you can do to teach yourself to be better at studying. If you are working towards earning your real estate license you are going to be doing a lot of studying in your near future. The licensing exam is difficult and you have to be sure that you are putting in adequate study time as well as making the most of the time that you are dedicating to study.

Make a Schedule

One of the best pieces of advice when it comes to studying is that you are making the most of your time. Scheduling out what you are going to do while you study and for how long will help you make the most of the time that you have set aside to devote to study. Resources like Real Estate Prep Guide are great, but you can get lost in them for hours. Rather than just deciding to hop onto the site and start studying, take a minute and decide what you want to accomplish while on the site. For example, you can schedule a certain amount of time to spend in the glossary, vs how long you want to spend looking over practice exams. If you plan your time better, you will be more successful while studying.

Flash Cards

As old school as flash cards seem, they really are beneficial when you are studying for an exam. If you do not have someone to quiz you about your knowledge, flashcards can be your best friend. It is also helpful to use flashcards because the writing on the cards paired with the verbal aspect is a great pair. When you read things out loud it helps you remember better. If you are going to use flashcards to help you study, be sure that you are verbalizing the answers that you are giving. It will be really helpful when you go to take the exam.

Slow and Steady

Cramming is never the answer. While you may be able to cram in a lot of information while you are studying, you are not going to be able to retain that information for a very long period of time. Some people are able to cram and then test well. However, the long term effects of the information you learn while cramming is not nearly as helpful.  You are going to need to be able to remember the information after you have passed the exam so you can be a successful agent, and cramming isn’t going to help you do that. However, if you really study slowly and with the intent to learn, you will both do well on your exam and be a great agent that is knowledgeable after you are licensed.