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Pandarow is fast becoming popular as one of the best Chinese learning resources available online, with thousands of people downloading this platform on their mobile devices. If you are thinking about learning Chinese, then this platform offers you the best option, and that too for free.

Chinese civilisation has given us so many things from centuries. Some of the main contributions from the Chinese culture to the world are Chinese calligraphy, kung fu, Chinese medicine, Chinese opera, silk, Chinese embroidery, Chinese paper cutting, Weiqi board game, porcelain, embroidery, tea, and many more.

The world has always taken a keen interest in the Chinese culture and art. Today, the nation can boast of being the leader in the manufacturing and various other business sectors. Their government policies are highly feasible for companies from Europe and the American countries. Most of the top brand names have their presence in China today. Even small businesses rely on Chinese exports for wholesale purchases.

People wish to learn the Chinese language for various reasons, because the knowledge of the language can come real handy when they are visiting or staying out there. Not many people have the time to go to the Chinese learning tutorials or coaching classes. Besides, these coaching classes are quite expensive too.

The good news is that you can have the Chinese learning platform right on your fingertips. Just download the Pandarow app for free and get started. The download is absolutely free, and they do not force any in-app purchases. The user ratings at the online stores stand at 4.8 Stars, which itself speaks volumes about the numbers of satisfied users.

What’s more, currently the app is totally free of advertisements, and the company officials have suggested that they are not in a hurry to go commercial anytime soon. If you have an Android phone, then you can download it from the Google Play Store. If you are an iPhone or iPad enthusiast, then you can install this learning platform from the iTunes store.

If you are a Spanish speaking person, who is not comfortable with the English language, then Pandarow app will be the right platform for you as well. The new version has been released with the second intermediate language being Spanish. Many of the Spanish speaking people from Argentina and Spain have already downloaded this app.

Learning courses:

The developers of Pandarow how worked quite extensively to provide the best learning resources and contents to their users. In most of the sections, you can click on the audio links to learn the right pronunciations of syllables. The Pinyin Chart also comes with of audio assistance to help you perfect the pronunciations of different syllables that are used in standard Chinese.

If you are a beginner, then you can start the courses from the chapter one. If you are already familiar with the basics and wish to advance your Chinese reading and speaking, then you can start with the next parts and go on to complete all the courses.

You will be a decent Chinese speaker by the time you finish all the courses provided by them. Additional articles and resources are provided in this platform to help the users in understanding the finer points that are needed to improve your language fluency.

Ask Panda:

If you do not understand anything in the courses, or if you require any further information on Chinese learning, then you can ask questions in their Questions & Answers forum. The native Chinese speaking members and moderators are very enthusiastic, and they always make it a point to answer the questions within 2 hours. It is an excellent discussion forum, where you can make new friends from other countries as well.


Now Pandarow is available with English to Chinese, and also Spanish to Chinese dictionaries. It is a very simple to use tool. However, it is quite extensive, where almost all the standard Chinese words are covered. You can also check out the example sentences to learn how to use the words for speaking.

The developers have also included the modern Chinese slang words in the dictionary. It is the kind of language that the younger generation of Chinese speakers use in many of the social networking websites.

Chinese name generator:

You can easily generate your English or Spanish names in Chinese by using this tool. You can enter your first name and the last name to get the translated version in Chinese. Additionally, they provide other links to find different Chinese names according to genders, first name, last name, etc.


We have checked the platform for content quality, design and user interface, and the effectiveness in learning. From what we have seen, Pandarow has passed on all accounts with flying colours. We have found this app to be very helpful to the users, and hence we are rating it with 4.9 / 5.0.