Careers in Merchant Navy


As the name suggests – the merchant navy is associated with commercial transactions – mainly in the transport of passengers and cargo by sea. It has nothing to do with the Armed Navy and we can see that the merchant naval fleet is made up of commercial containers, cargo liners, passenger ships, etc.

The Merchant Navy offers a wonderful career because you can visit different interesting and exotic places and your life will provide you with many adventures that you will be proud to tell your children bedtime stories. Nevertheless, the main temptation is that Merchant Navy careers involve a lucrative pay-check, and is characterized by faster growth opportunities than being away from home and family and working hard.

The Merchant Navy is an integral part of any international trade, because no matter what the new means of communication, you can never refuse to transport goods and goods. Most international trade merchants depend on naval activities and without it most operations will be hit. So, there are specially trained specialists who are required to work in different positions which are necessary to manage the operations.

If you want to be successful in the Merchant Navy, you have to have a strong and sporting mind-set in addition to strong and healthy bodybuilding. You should be open to new experiences and make enough adjustments to adapt to difficult situations. You should have the motivation to go to higher studies and also desire a good and high level of job responsibility. You should be prepared to participate in activities as a team and have at least the senescence and intelligence to handle the various issues related to this domain. You have to be prepared to make the sea feel sick most of the time, and if you think you can’t control it, then it’s not your cup of tea. You should also be prepared to stay away from your home for a long time and you should not feel ill at home.

The main and most important responsibilities of the job in the Merchant Navy are Marine Engineers, Naval Officers, and Radio Officers. Shipping companies usually hire these specialists on a contract basis. Although previously only men were seen working in this domain, nowadays the Merchant Navy also has female employees. The service department, deck, and engine are the three areas where many tasks are performed. So if you want to join the Merchant Navy as a youth and fulfil your dreams, you can join these sections. The service department has various functional responsibilities:

1.            Medicine

2.            The kitchen

3.            Laundry etc.

The deck has different job responsibilities:

1.            Captain

2.            Chief Officer

3.            Another officer

The various job prospects of the Engineer Department are as follows:

1.            Chief Engineer

2.            Electrical Officer

3.            Radio Officer

4.            Another Junior Engineer

If you are ready to participate in this exciting job profile, then you can try to get into any of the renowned institutes that offer marine engineering courses and can begin with Merchant Navy careers. Best of luck!