Become a project manager with accredited online courses


Becoming a project manager doesn’t necessarily require years of study at an expensive tertiary education institute. Thanks to the internet you can complete an accredited course by studying online.

To be a good project manager you must have the ability to apply skills, tools and techniques to manage a project until it is complete. There are multiple course options and the more courses you complete, the better project manager you will be. Will you choose Prince2®, ITIL®, Agile PM® or all three?

Prince 2®

The Prince2® course is geared towards teaching the components of customer service excellence. You will learn to set and reach goals, how to communicate effectively and to lead others confidently. These skills will serve you well in business and in life and the ability to build strong relationships means you can network and grow with those around you.

After all it is the objective of project management to successfully deliver service excellence in order to keep customers coming back. Prince2®can help you to not only be a successful project manager but it can also teach you the skills you need to grow any small business into an empire.


With the growing dependence of business on IT, ITIL® is ideal because it makes use of IT to improve business. It does this by:

  • improving service quality
  • reducing costs
  • increasing business value
  • escalating business agility

ITIL® refocuses IT to work for business by shifting the emphasis of standard processes to people and technology. This allows for a proactive business perspective with a shared vernacular. You will learn how to formulate services, designs, transitions, operations and improvements on a digital platform to further your business.

As a project manager in IT, ITIL® will teach you to employ the RACI Model when performing activities and delivering a service.

RACI Model: 

  • R- Responsible
  • A- Accountable
  • C-Consulted
  • I- Informed


After completing the course you will be able to take charge and become a better leader while still collaborating on innovative solutions. Project management taught by AgilePM® is a skill that is sought after in many industries and the knowledge taken from the course will make you the leader of the pack in no-time.

The AgilePM® manifesto puts things into perspective. It is made up of four ideas concerning how to prioritise what is important in your management strategy:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

With the AgilePM® management technique and strategy you will be a cut above the rest. This is true of Prince2® and its ability to teach service excellence as well as ITIL®and the knowledge it gives you as you will learn to utilise and integrate these tools and techniques.

Take one or all of these accredited courses to further your career as a project manager.