All That You Need to Know About Dubai Transport as First Time Visitor


As a first-time visitor to Dubai, you need to know few practical information about various ways to commute around the city. In this small write up, we have tried to share about different means of transport available in Dubai, so that your trip to this city is comfortable. Some of the modes of transport that you can use are – taxi, monorail, metro, tram, water bus and water taxi.

  1. Taxi

This is the easiest way you can travel in Dubai and also it is not too expensive.  Taxi charges around 2.5-3 AED per km. The only negative point about Taxi in Dubai is the busy traffic. Many hotels too offer their Taxi service for customers which is usually more expensive as compared to regular taxi.

  1. Monorail

Monorail connects with the tram line from Palm Jumeirah station. Monorail is the fastest means to travel. Ticket system at present in monorail is different from metro/tram, and you need to pay only cash.

  1. Dubai metro

In order to travel faster to cover big distances, metro is the best means in Dubai. It is much easier, efficient, and after every 2 to 3 minutes you will get the next train. Only negative point about metro is that the station is located at odd places and there is usually long queue for ticket.

When you use metro for the first time then you have to buy a red-NOL card, where they will charge certain extra amount of money so that during your next trip, you do not need to stand in the long queue once again. You also have a choice to pay for single ride too however for your next ride, you can use the same card and recharge it once again.

  1. Tram

Same NOL card, you can also use in the tram too that you have used for your metro travel and you may continue your journey in the tram, as long as your card has sufficient balance in it. Tram line is quite short and in order to reach the next coast it goes only in single direction. Thereafter you need to walk towards Al Sufouh. This route is going to be expanded further in coming years and then it will take you as far as Burj-Al-Arab and also the shopping Mall.

  1. Dubai marina water-bus

There are only 4 stops while travelling by Dubai marina water-bus, which is quite comfortable way to go from Marina’s one side to the other, however this travel   by no means can be a faster way to move around. After every 15 to 20 minutes you will get next water bus depending however on time. If you travel with your family and children, this travel can be enjoyable. It was almost like any sightseeing trip to Marina and it can save your 3km walk from Marina-Promenade to Marina Walk. While returning you can walk back in the evening time, walking on the Marina-promenade is very pleasant and lively too.

  1. Dubai creek water-taxi (Abra)

Travelling in Dubai is quite comfortable and pleasant whether you travel by metro, tram or any other means. The water taxi of Abra is motorised version and it is much cheaper and fun to travel in such water taxi. So, you should never miss to travel on this mode when you are Dubai. Particularly if you travel with your children they will enjoy it a lot.

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