8 Ways to Reduce Your Accent and Speak More Clearly


If you are trying to overcome issues with your accent, you might enrol yourself in the short term courses after passing your 12th grade. Problems in pronunciation may turn out to be a hurdle for your career. The accents vary a lot across various parts of the world. Certain accents are stronger than the others. When you undergo the courses, you can get the desired accent, that will come beneficial in your career.

Here are eight ways to reduce your accent and speak with clarity.

  1. Speak slowly

 It is important to make the listeners what you say. Therefore, you should reduce the speed of your speech and speak clearly. The syllables should be pronounced with clarity. You should practise the speeches loudly, so that you can detect any flaw in pronouncing the words.

  1. Listen to audio books

 Listening to radio or audio books is an effective way to reduce your accent. Select a program in which you are interested. This will help you to learn the right pronunciation of the words. You can also choose any online program that interests you.

  1. Watch films

 You can watch various programs on the television or films in order to learn the right pronunciation. In case you are unable to make out the words, you can opt for subtitles.

  1. Talk to a native English speaker

One of the best ways to learn the right accent is to talk to a native English speaker. You will be able to learn the right pronunciation through the conversations. You should enrol yourself for the courses after 12th, which will enable you to master the accent.

  1. Stress and intonation

Focus on the voices of the native English speakers. The rhythm of the voice rises and falls, and you need to note these differences. Identifying these fluctuations, can help you grow a better concept about the accent.

  1. Practising tongue twisters

 You need to practise tongue twisters in order to gain more clarity in your pronunciation. You can start with the simple ones and then gradually proceed to the complex ones.

  1. Learn the differences between American and British English

 Certain words are pronounced in a different way in American English than in British English. You need to know these differences in order to get the right accent.

  1. Know the silent letters

 You should know the silent letters while pronouncing the words in English. This will help you with the accent to a great extent.

 It is advisable to enrol yourself in the after graduation courses to master the right accent.