Check out the first quarter results of AVNS medical in 2020


Due to the global COVID pandemic, there has been a huge acceleration in respiratory innovation which will also be helpful for the future and this is helping Avanos Medical to rise. The company is working on several projects which might help in the treatment of different kinds of respiratory problems. This company is also working on pain management procedures which can be a boon to its growth. The first-quarter results of AVNS medical have been released which can be helpful for the current traders and investors.

Financial highlights of AVNS medical in the first quarter

The net sales of this company in the first quarter have been around $180 million and this is an increase as compared to last year. The net income is around $4 million which is a loss for the company when compared to 2019’s first quarter. If adjusted, then net income is $8 million which is higher than last year. Investing in NYSE: AVNS at can be beneficial for the investors but it won’t be a good idea to sell the shares of this company for now.

Operating results in the first quarter

There has been a 10% increase in net sales this year in the first quarter. The Summit and Neomed acquisitions have helped the company to earn 7% growth and 4% of organic growth is driven by pain treatments by Coolief. There has been a high demand for respiratory items after the Corona pandemic and this has proved to be a boon for the company. If we talk about gross margin, then it has been 57% percent which dropped to 3% from last year’s data. The operational income is higher this year and litigation expenses and transition costs have increased this income. There has been an operational benefit of $14 million which was only ten million dollars last year.

The balance sheet of AVNS medical

If someone wants to invest in NYSE: AVNS, then one should know that adjusted EDBITDA of this quarter is around twenty million dollars which were only fourteen million dollars last year. The cash outflow in the first quarter of this year is around $11 million and it is lower than last year. The cash balance of the company at the end of this year’s quarter is $188 million. Talking about total debt, it stopped at an amount of $248 million with unsecured notes. The present position of the company will have good liquidity to manage the uncertainty of business. Other than that, the company would stay in compliance with debt settlements. You can check more stock news before bulls trade.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.